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NSPL RTC focuses and promotes the culture of creating jobs. To promote entrepreneurial skills of the students, NSPL has exclusive training module for Entrepreneurship Development.


NSPL RTC focuses and promotes the culture of creating jobs. The main aim of NSPL RTC to improve employment opportunities for the people. NSPL RTC has established a unique platform for society/students where plethora of programs available to assist students for developing entrepreneur skills.

Business Setup

NSPL RTC provides you knowledge about how to launch your business in the real market. For setting a new business, just start from scratch and not mandatory to have past experience in same field. To become successful in any business, it needs a sheer hard work as there is lot of competition in business market. Moreover, knowledge about different tools, terms and strategies to commence your venture.

Entrepreneurs List (photos)

Successful entrepreneurs share their experience to inspire students/other persons.

Business Plan

Quality of business plan is the key to get success or failure in business. The following are prominent steps to develop a business plan:

  • Survey the business environment
  • Examine the industry
  • Research the market conditions

NSPL RTC helps you develop skills to observe and articulate business propositions. In business plan, different persons share their ideas with each other. It also includes necessary components for the development of a successful business plan such as environmental scanning, competitive analysis, market access, legal implications and sourcing capital.

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