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Visa Guidelines

NSPL RTC international student services department gives guidance and caring environment to the international students for making their visit to India smooth and pleasurable.

Visa Guidelines

NSPL RTC welcomes students from all over the world making the centre a conglomerate of different cultures. NSPL-RTC gives guidance and caring environment for making your visit to India smooth and pleasurable. Please know that our faculty and staff support you and you should not hesitate to seek their assistance. Our international student counselor can provide information about life at the NSPL-RTC and about making your preparations before you arrive.

Visa Type

International students, who dream to enroll in NSPL-RTC, first of all they should obtain a Tourist Visa for travelling to India. After that, they need an admission letter to commence study at the NSPL-RTC, on getting confirmation letter, he/she should promptly apply for Tourist Visa.

Visa Duration

Usually tourist visas have durations of

  • Six Months
  • Three Months
  • Longer durations for one year
  • Majority of visas provide multiple entries

Visa Cost

The Student Visa fee varies depending on various parameters like passport holder’s nationality, type and duration of visa applied. This fees are payable in the local currency as well. Please check with the Indian embassy in your country for exact visa fees.

How to Apply

To obtain this, you will need to contact your local Indian High Commission, fill the application form, which is usually available to download online, and take it to them or send it in along with the required fee. This can take up to 10 business days (i.e. two weeks) and your visa is activated from the day you get it rather than upon entry into the country. When stating your purpose on your visa form it is best to say Tourism rather than Training.

Along with your application and fee, for an Indian Tourist Visa you’ll need to submit your passport that’s valid for a least six months and has at least two blank pages, a recent passport sized photo and details of your itinerary. In some countries, copies of flight tickets and proof of residential address may also be required. On your visa application you will be asked to give 1 reference in India of where you are staying, NSPL-RTC will provide you that reference with confirmed admission letter.

After Arrival Procedure

After reaching the centre students have to get the visa verified by the centre and have to deposit a copy of the valid visa. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that throughout his/her study period student is on valid visa. In case the initial visa is not endorsed for the complete duration of the programme or student has to extend the stay because he/she is not able to complete the programme in the stipulated time then the student should apply for the extension of the visa before visa expires.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that visa should be applied well in advance and time. It generally takes 3-8 weeks to get the Indian Visa thus it is advisable to apply for the visa accordingly and consult the Indian High Commission/Embassy if required.

Good luck and we hope to welcome you to the NSPL - RTC in the near future!

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