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Community Services

NSPL RTC provides the guidance to the students about serving community in various ways such as impart education, donate used books and clothes, project development and others.

Community Services

In today's fast paced world, everyone is running in the rat race. All persons are workaholics and have not much time for themselves. But, without spending single penny, one can get relaxation by doing activities like serving community in myriad of ways. Persons can enhance/surmount their knowledge by sharing with other persons and get the inner piece of mind. Community services need persons ample time and interest.

  • Impart Education : Students can give education to those children who have inadequate money for enrolling in the schools .Nowadays, technology is used everywhere in the world, to be with par of world, every person familiar with technology. So students can cast their vote among elder persons by learning them about computer skills, technological gadgets. This step will helpful to diminish the illiteracy rate.

  • Donate unused books, clothes : Give the unused books to those students who are very keen to study but unable to buy it. Also Provide the clothes to needy one and donate the blankets to homeless shelter. By indulging in these kinds of activities one can get blessings from the needy persons because no one can buy the blessings. Indirectly, impact on Environment is plunged by giving books, clothes to other living beings.

  • Project Development : Students who have knowledge of programming language can provide their assistance in developing projects for any NGO. Students can teach the other students about programming languages like Java, .Net, software testing, so in future they are able to make their projects

  • IT for life : Share your views regarding IT. IT is not just confined to programming languages. Basically it is meant for life means that how IT makes life easier.
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