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Inspiring Traveler Tales About Amritsar

Within these pages, you can read selected stories about tourist attractions in Amritsar. Hopefully, you'll find these stories entertaining and the tips on the best way to see various renowned places of Amritsar.

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A 24-Hour Travel Guide To The Many Charms Of Amritsar

By Payal Mohta

If you’ve grown up on Bollywood, chances are that your most immediate association with Punjab is sarson ke khet, an old wrinkled biji and and a dramatic homecoming with groovy bhangra beats in the background.

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Amritsar is home to the famous Golden temple, Punjabi street food and border tourism along Wagah

By Supriya Sehgal

It was the cusp of Independence for the two countries - August 29, 1947. The streets of Lahore were burning. Having never felt a shred of intimidation being the only Hindu family in a Muslim.

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Amritsar, the Golden City

By Janhavi Acharekar

Amritsar-the Golden City of north India-is frequented by devotees, international tourists and the Sikh diaspora from around the world. With an annual footfall that is three times that of the Taj Mahal and an estimated 80 lakh visitors expected in 2013, this city is where the serene and scared collide.

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