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Healthy Living for Everyone in Budget

Amritsar provides accommodation to all at reasonable prices. Amritsar isn’t the only city to be blessed with worship places but affordable accommodations are the one of main concern among people.


A plethora of accommodations are available in Amritsar People can choose accommodation according to their budget, comfort and time period for stay. Price varies according to the facilities provided by these accommodations. Amritsar has a superfluity of five star hotels. People can save money on accommodation because numerous discount options are available during different festivals. People of different religions live peacefully in Amritsar city.

Rented Apartment

A lot of apartments are available on rent in Amritsar. If a person wants to take a rented apartment.

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Paying Guest Room

In Paying guest rooms one can cook food by own or can take tiffin or some houses provide them all meals.

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Shared Room

Getting around amritsar on a budget is easy with an excellent range of shared rooms accomodation.

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Rented Houses

A person can take a house on rent and pay rent to the landlord. The rent can be paid monthly or annually.

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Luxury Hotels

Plan your accomodation in Amritsar at luxury hotels with great deals and packages throughtout the year.

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Budget Hotels

Numerous budget hotels in Amritsar which provide very basic amenities. Most of the hotels provid meals.

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