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Mentoring and Advising Services

Mentors at NSPL RTC push students to achieve better! They assist them in developing specific skills that will help them crack an entrance test or interview or get their DREAM job!

Mentoring & Advising

NSPL offers confidential and free professional mentoring services for its students in order to help them in handling various stressful situations and to deal with their problems for their better social adjustment and good professional performance. Mentor say right words at right time and it can be life changing.

Career Advising

Counseling is provided to choose career which is fit for you. A wise advice can change your coming future. Many persons just stick at some point but progression in any career is must otherwise you are not par with the world. This organization throws the light on how to get high on the ladder.

Training Category Selection

Students are in dilemma, which category will be selected for training. Proper guidance is provided for opting the training category by doing skill mapping.

Placement Mentoring

This organization always motivates the students to do something extraordinary. Moreover, Knowledge is given to get them placed in multinational companies and also assist the students to improve certain skills which are mandatory to crack interview and get their desired job.

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