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Safety Tips

NSPL RTC student services department suggests personal safety tips for living in Amritsar. Know what to do in emergency. Keep your safety on the street by reading given tips.

Safety Tips


  • Carry loose money for trips or public transportation.
  • Keep emergency numbers and contacts handy.
  • You must carry photocopies of your passport/visa and put them separate from the original.
  • Ensure you have valid health insurance. Also pack a basic medical kit with your luggage.
  • Dress properly (pants or long skirts, tops that cover up your shoulders) because India is a conservative country.
  • Language will not be a barrier because most of the dwellers either understand English, Hindi, and Punjabi.
  • Make sure you ask a few people about the fare before you get into one.
  • Always use mobile phones.
  • Keep a dummy wallet and whistle.
  • If you want to donate some money to anyone, instead of money give them consumable/eatable food items.
  • Hire a car from reputed company.


  • Amritsar is famous for its multi cuisines but before trying the local food of the city, be cautious while selecting the street food and prefer to eat at disinfected eating joints.
  • Avoid drinking tap water, try to opt for sealed bottle water.
  • Refrain your friendly behavior with men. Be too friendly with men who approach you at tourist sights or with hotel staff. Even on the trains it is rare to see and Indian women talk to strange man unless she is with her husband.
  • Avoid travelling alone during night time because there are lots of beggars in urban streets and tourist areas. Don’t arrive at a new destination at night.
  • Never accept a ride if there’s someone accompanying the driver in a taxi or rickshaw.
  • Keep in mind that mass photo- taking sessions will happen.
  • Always stay near groups of people when you are the station i.e. don’t head for the dark end of the platform.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any religious place.
  • Don’t carry too much cash and also avoid wearing or carrying costly jewellery.
  • Don’t use alcohol and also don’t accept alcohol from unknown men. Indian women rarely drink in public – even in hotel bars –so beware any man who invites you to do so.
  • Do not leave your purse, backpack, laptop, phone or other property unattended in public places such as the library or your classroom. If left alone, these items may be stolen or taken to the on-campus Lost & Found or Security office by someone passing by.
  • Be aware of who and what is around you. Trust your instincts and leave uncomfortable situations.
  • Never share your PIN or credit card number with others.
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