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Best Computer Training Centre in Amritsar for professional learning experience and enhanced learning

NSPL RTC is the Best Computer Training Centre in Amritsar for a professional learning experience from our experienced staff. NSPL provides with a wide variety of computer training courses for students to learn different IT skills and emerge as sophisticated and knowledgeable IT professionals from Amritsar. Our Computer Training Centre provides remote online courses as well for the students in different countries who are willing to learn about IT.

NSPL RTC uses the latest technological resources available to teach the students about the latest technological developments. Best Computer Training Centre in Amritsar for students all over the world to learn about IT in a professionally infused environment.

"To be on top, it’s better to learn with a few lions than a hundred sheep. Have advantage to learn with best graduates around the world."

"Creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge make you great. That makes NSPL RTC to include Osborne-Parnes creativity model in learning"

Professional Computer Institute in Amritsar for learning about Diverse IT fields in a professional environment

Professional Computer Institute in Amritsar to learn about in an environment enriched with professional exposure and influence from high-ranked IT experts. NSPL RTC is one of the only computer institute in Amritsar that provides an in-depth learning experience to students worldwide using its multiple years of experience in IT. NSPL RTC works to not only teach students about IT but to give them a wider experience of how operations take place in an IT company.

Professional Computer Institute in Amritsar to provide students with vast knowledge of various IT concepts and implementing them to create advanced solutions. NSPL RTC provides several IT training courses for students who want to do more than just learn.

NSPL RTC Community


Amit Kumar

Training process is quick to learn. I got applied case study as well.


Ramanpreet Kaur

Giving Professional training that is very effective.


Kiranjeet Kaur

Here we work with top notch professionals.


Sukhmani Kaur

Emphasize on building career development goals for students.

Placement Preparation Process

NSPL RTC has well designed Placement Preparation Process to ensure the placement of our student in top companies. It is crucial for student’s career and through this students become aware about placement criteria and procedures.

Career Mentoring Sessions

1 : 1 Mentoring Sessions

Profile Building

CV Preparation

Linkedin Profile Building

LinkedIn Profile Building

Interview Questionnaires


Skills Training

Employment Skills

Mockup interview preparation

Mockup Interview

Our Recruiters

"Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. More than 70% of employers do online screening to recruit. NSPL RTC’s Collaborative Sharing program makes your profile stand out from the crowd"

Student Spotlight

As every student have unique perspective and special strengths. These student spotlights highlight a small handful of our wonderful students and their experiences at NSPL RTC.

International Computer Centre in Amritsar to provide global students an opportunity to learn from IT Professionals

NSPL RTC is an International Computer Centre in Amritsar that provides enhanced computer training courses to students from all over the world. Our Computer Centre is designed to help student learn more about IT from the IT professionals itself. Our international computer centre in Amritsar is designed specifically to enhance the learning curve of students worldwide and to provide them with extensive experience on latest tools and how IT industry operates.

International Computer Centre in Amritsar to help students worldwide seeking for professional advice for choosing a career path in IT. NSPL RTC is globally certified and will provide you expert assist on any IT and career related queries.

"Getting the most out of life is not about how much you keep yourself , but how much you pour into others is the heart of mentoring. If your mentors only tell you that you are awesome, it's time to find other mentors"

"The value of training is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. The objective of NSPL RTC is to develop critical thinking in students by cultivating intellectual curiosity"

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. NSPL RTC community service program encourage students to make a change by giving back to community"

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