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Advantages of NSPL RTC

While studying at NSPL RTC, students will get numerous benefits throughout their training program such as global recognition, high quality education, research and technology.

NSPL RTC Advantages

  • Learn From Top Notch Professionals
    Most of the people in dilemma about the difference between top notch professionals and experienced trainers. Top Trainers is not means to notch professionals. Notch professionals are those who have experienced of corporate world. Top notch professionals have deep knowledge of trends, techniques of the computer world.
    • Top notch professionals are who are keen to do part time jobs.
    • Moreover they have passion to inculcate new skills to students.

  • Applied Learning with Case Methodology
    In the present technical aera, there are myriad of learning sources available. One of the eye catching factors of NSPL RTC is providing opportunity to work on real life case studies which is very lucrative for the colorful future. In NSPL RTC, performance appraisal is given to each and every student so that he/she get knowledge about weak and strong points of him/her. This will boost up students confidence.
    Live case studies means actual client projects so students get chance to work on these projects. There are several benefits of doing work on live case studies :
    • Live case studies means actual client project.
    • Client Interaction : Students get chance to interact with the clients and also able to learn how to get client requirements.
    • Change Management : During working on live case studies, timely meetings with managements are taken place to meet the customer’s requirements.

  • As an IT company , so we know IT better
    As an IT company, so we know IT in better way :
    • Curriculum is not book based rather it is Industry-Oriented Curriculum.
    • Team work
    • Global exposure- Project made by this organization is running in 12 countries

  • Applied Ethics Program
    In this fast paced world, everyone is running in the rat race to earn more money with blink of an eye. The institutes, colleges, schools are focus on their curriculum to get name and fame in this world. On other side, joint families take backseat and both men and women become workaholics. As a consequence the children become isolated from their families which drastically affect the ethics. Socialism is the mandatory to live on this beautiful blue planet.

    Applied ethics program is commenced in NSPL RTC to give the knowledge of ethics to everyone so that they become aware from responsibilities of them and become good citizens.

    Multinational companies are looking for better human and if they find better human they can become him a good employee.

    Better Human + Better Employee= Better Citizen
  • Types of Ethics

    • National ethics
    • Social ethics
    • Human rights
    • Business ethics
    • Animal ethics
    • Environment ethics
    • Family ethics

  • Mentoring and advising
    Most of the students do not choose their educational path on the behalf of their own capability and interest, because they have pressure of family, friends and many more. We are living in technical epoch and there are countless technologies .But this does not mean that everyone can become perfect in every field.
    Grasping power varies from student to student. So to make clear which field is beneficial for you is done by mentoring and advising. NSPL offers confidential and free professional mentoring services for its students in order to help them in handling various stressful situations and to deal with their problems for their better social adjustment and good professional performance. Mentor say right words at right time and it can be life changing.
    • Career advising :
      Counseling is provided to choose career which is fit for you. A wise advice can change your coming future. Many persons just stick at some point but progression in any career is must otherwise you are not par with the world. This organization throws the light on how to get high on the ladder.

    • Training category selection :
      Students are in dilemma, which category will be selected for training. Proper guidance is provided for opting the training category by doing skill mapping.

    • Placement mentoring :
      This organization always motivates the students to do something extraordinary. Moreover, Knowledge is given to get them placed in multinational companies and also assist the students to improve certain skills which are mandatory to crack interview and get their desired job.

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