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Under the visionary leadership of Anuj Khanna, NSPL RTC has been strategically working to build the unmatched legacy that could be hard to beat and creating an inspiring vision of the future.


Anuj Khanna


Director's Message

Dear Friends,

Most of the messages by directors are the one which show that their organizations are the leading, growing, and are number one in industry. My message will be different and so the vision and mission we have are.

It all started, when during my graduation, I was looking for a part time job to meet my educational expenses. We took consultation of one of the person we knew and thought he had knowledge about IT field. He recommended an institute that offer a one month job oriented course. My parents arranged money in somehow by believing that after doing this course, I would get a part time job and can help them.

Institute completed one month course in 2 weeks and said that because you are good in learning we took fast pace. After doing course, I visited many companies for job and found that the course I did is very basic one (about 5-10% of the knowledge required for particular profile). So all efforts went in vein and I got no job, that day I decided that one day I should create a system so people like me should not be cheated.

These days, there is lot of debates about unemployment. One thing I want to make clear that being a director of an IT company and linked with many IT organizations, I can claim firmly that there is no shortage of jobs in IT. About 20-40% vacancies are vacant in every company but they are not finding skilled candidates to fill that vacancy.

Our academic system has mostly theoretical syllabus, I interviewed many candidates that have master degrees in IT but are unable to solve a simple IT problem. After giving many unsuccessful interviews These candidates then see ads in newspapers , hoardings and TV to find an institute to do course and every institute said we are the best, leading and do course in 3 months and get top jobs. They somehow select one and same result that they get after studies, no placements.

It is because most of the institutes are get run by non skilled people. Institutes giving franchisees to open as many branches to make profit, franchisee concerned with maximum profit so they appoint staff who take minimum salaries. But all these mastered in marketing and showing good placements, but in reality hardly anyone get that. So in my thoughts, education cannot be defined as pure business. It creates society and show the path to coming generations.

So our mission is to create a world class centre for research and training where everyone should have same opportunities to learn irrespective of caste, religion, gender and culture. A centre where masters should transfer their experience to others so that can went ahead from that point instead of starting again from point where we had started. We want to develop skilled professionals and researchers who have deep knowledge to help organizations to create solutions that can help mankind.

We know we have long way to go to change the system and make people aware of quality education, but we are putting our best to do that. Thank you for your interest in reading my message at the NSPL Research and Training Centre.

Anuj Khanna

Executive Director & CEO at NSPL
Senior Educator & Career Strategist at NSPL RTC
Global IT Consultant

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