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Helping People Changing

In Amritsar, there are various organizations provide social services to the needy people. The different social services are food, housing, disability, women welfare, mental health assistance and many more.

Social Services in Amritsar

For any society to grow, it must at first cater to welfare of its people and surroundings. In Amritsar, there is a mix of people from all walks of life; some well settled while others struggling with day to day activities .As a result there is need for an overall development of the people, no matter what background they come from, Keeping this in mind, the city has several Non Profit and charitable societies which has been functioning for the betterment of this city.

Charitable Societies in Amritsar

There are several Charitable Societies which function for the sole purpose of welfare of the people.Here, every individual is treated equal and with respect. There are Society’s which look into their overall development ensuring to keep alive the essence.

NGOs in Amritsar

Non Government Organizations (NGO) plays a very important part in raising the quality of life in any given society. Education, health facilities, child care etc are some concerns which still remain alarming.NGOs thus have been able to concentrate on such facets of life without the development of which no city will grow. These NGOs are run based on their understanding of the need of the hour and dealing with it in given time.

Orphanages in Amritsar

The city of Amritsar has two very successful orphanages which look after orphans with extreme care. Being orphaned and having no support is a tragic experience, but living here one becomes strong and sees the missing silver lining. There are efficient facilities which are provided to the children who feel warm and loved at all times. Right from food to their education, everything is taken care of.

These institutes largely work through volunteers, the staff/team members. Financially there is great support from people all across the globe. Donation can be made on gaining account information and depositing money, or buy visiting the main office. The numbers are always active and you too can become a part in the betterment of our society and nurturing these children.

Old Age Homes in Amritsar

Caring for our elderly should be a feeling from within. One must never feel burdened to show them respect and nor should they detest from any care. In Amritsar, the Old Age Homes have really done wonders to those neglected elderly who seek love. These homes have actually been real to them. Senior citizens don’t deserve to be sent here, but if they are, they are welcomed with open arms.

Blind Welfare in Amritsar

In Amritsar, there is a home for blind .This ashram taught the students the aim of life and how to achieve it. Presently, approximately 50 students study there. They are taught to learn through Braille and are given many classes where there is great scope for them. Students have not only completed their education but have become skilled too. This encouragement leads to them playing all sorts of sports, learning instruments, doing skilled activities and gaining confidence. The place remains a popular one in Amritsar, all thanks to its achievements and noble deed.

Women Welfare in Amritsar

Women are treated with equal dignity and compete in all walks of life. The charitable societies work towards the welfare of women among other areas. In Amritsar, there are women welfare societies. Here, you may find many women are not confined to four walls and participating in several programs. These welfares aware women about self protection and the current problems like eve teasing. One should be able to stand for themselves and that remains the aim. Not just the problems, but even the creative side of women is encouraged so that they never shy away from giving their best.

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