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Corporate Environment

NSPL RTC imparts knowledge to the students regarding corporate environment through various techniques such as recorded lectures, no racism, corporate trainers, global culture and more.

Corporate Environment

For any organization to become successful, prominent factor is corporate environment. Company is not formed by its brand, rather it is defined by its corporate culture. How this is useful for future, career and life of students. Being an IT company.

Recorded Lectures

Eye catching factor of this organization is the utilization of Audio visual aids/assets for daily lectures in a video as well as audio form to save the lectures and students can revise the lectures for their colorful future.

No Racism

Students are not judged by their skin color, religion and languages. Achievement has no color. Students come from every nook and corner of the world to grasp knowledge of various tools and technologies and study in comfort zone without any kind of racism.

#Me Too

#me too gives empowerment to wome. Awareness is distributed among students to get alternative through the sites like #me too. If any student has problem of harassment and other issue he/she can put their problem in #me too.

Live Case Studies

Students can get chance to work on live projects what they study in books which will boost their knowledge, confidence and work experience. Performing work on real things will provide cutting edge for their colorful future.

Corporate Trainers

Knowledge is imparted by Professional who have more than 5 years experience in industry and their way of giving knowledge is industry oriented which help the students to make their future bright.

Global Culture

In today’s globalised world, students of different religions, cultures study in a single organization, respect is given to every religion. Festivals of all religions are celebrated here. Holiday list is created where holiday is mentioned for every religion’s commemoration. Different students speak different language, there is no problem regarding language.

Gender Equality

There is no room for gender inequality, students are evaluated on the basis of their knowledge and skills, not on gender. Achieving gender equality is the key to success.

Team Work

Depending upon the task requirement, a temporary team is made to perform task in a prescribed time which helps the students to enhance team skill by working as team leader, team member.

Learning Resources

A variety of resources are used in NSPL RTC like audio-video lectures, wi-fi connectivity, eBooks, workshops, softwares, recordings, seminars, training material, worksheets, workbooks and many more.


Professionalism is the basic quality to enter in IT field. Students are motivated to adopt professionalism to touch sky in their career.

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is given to each and every student on the basis of strong as well as weak points according to that they can cover up their weak points which is quite helpful for them in their colorful future.

Corporate Policies

Corporate policies are the guidelines of any organization which gives the Knowledge of discipline, punctuality and so on along with their pros and cons.

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