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Cloud Computing Professional Training in Amritsar

    Course includes

  • 240 hours instructor driven training
  • 100+ downloadable resources
  • Working on real life project
  • Placement Preparation
  • Global Certification

Learn Cloud Computing Professional Training Program with 10+ Modules

Most advanced training program that covers latest
AWS technologies

Training Overview

Being an IT company, we know exact profile specifications and technical requirements for Cloud Computing developers. We have drafted the most advanced industry oriented curriculum for Cloud Computing. That’s why NSPL Cloud Computing Training in Amritsar is ranked best among professionals in international arena.

Training Curriculum

Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Cloud Technologies
Cloud Components
Public Cloud Model
Private Cloud Model
Hybrid Cloud Model
Community Cloud Model

SaaS Fundamentals
Streamlining Administration
Optimizing Cost and Performance
Comparing Service Scenarios
Improving Collaboration
Simplifying Business Process
Inspecting SaaS Technologies
Deploying Web Applications
Implementing Web Services
Development Platform

PaaS Fundamentals
Components of PaaS
Building Services with Solution Stacks
Service Platform Tools
Scalable Middleware
Managing Cloud storage
Controlling Unstructured Data
Deploying Relational Databases
Employing Support Services
Testing in the Cloud

IaaS Fundamentals
Enabling Technologies
Scalable Server Clusters
Platform Virtualization
Elastic Storage Devices
Accessing IaaS
Provisioning Servers on Demand
Handling Dynamic and Static IP Addresses
Management and Monitoring
Managing Cookies

Cloud Migration Fundamentals
Technical Considerations
Rearchitecting Applications
Integrating Existing Applications
Avoiding vendor lock-in
Migration Planning
Incremental Migration
One Step Migration
Vendor Selection
Establishing Staff Skill

Database Management Fundamentals
Relational Database Model
Logical Database Design
Database Constraints
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Joins and Set Operations
Database Views
Database Normalization
Backup & Migration
Database Security

Server Programming Fundamentals
Python Programming
Advanced Python Concepts
Python Database Connectivity
Python Data Objects (PDO)
Object Oriented Programming
Server File Uploading
Sending E-mails
JSON Parsing

Amazon Web Services Fundamentals
AWS Architecture and Terminology
AWS Regions and Availability Zones
Understanding How AWS is Physically Set Up
Understanding AWS, Understanding EC2
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Understanding VPCs, Understanding RDS
AWS service Selection Parameters
Cloud Service Models

AWS Simple Storage Service Fundamentals
S3 Bucket/Object Versioning
S3 LifeCycle Policies
Handling Bucket
Object Permissions
Accessing S3 Objects
Protecting Data In S3
Advanced S3 Features
Hosting A Website In S3
Amazon Glacier

AWS Database Fundamentals
Relational Database Service (RDS)
RDS Multi-AZ Failover
RDS Security Groups
DyamoDB and NoSQL
Backup Services on AWS
Recovering from Disasters
S3 and RDS Backup Options
EC2 Backup Strategies
EBS Backup Options

AWS Security Fundamentals
AWS Security Measures
AWS Shared Responsibility Model
AWS Compliance Program
AWS Global Infrastructure Security
Physical and Environmental Security
Layered Security and Security Groups
AWS Reports and Certifications
AWS Account Security Features
AWS Credentials

Capstone Project Fundamentals
Navigate the AWS Management Console
S3 Bucket Policy and Versioning
Static Hosting Website with S3
Security Group and Network ACLs
Encrypting & Controlling Access to S3
Setting up RDS
Creating DynamoDB Tables
S3, RDS Backup & EBS Options
Configuring Auto Scaling Application

Placement Process Fundamentals
Job Profile Structure
Group Discussions
Individual CV Preparation
LinkedIn Job Profile
Employment Skills Training
Body Language Training
Technical Interview Questionnaires
HR Interview Questionnaires
Mockup Interviews

Training Program Features

Industry Oriented Most Advanced Curriculum

Exclusive Updated Digital Study Material

Individual Attention with Small Batch Size

Modern Projector Based Training Classrooms

Video Recording of Every Training Session

Real Clients Based Applied Case Studies

Well Equipped Labs with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Practice Assignments to Improve Learning

International Points Based Grading System

Learn Cloud Computing Professional Training Program with 10+ Modules

Most advanced training program that covers latest AWS technologies

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Training Methods

Classroom Training

Learn in conventional classroom environment with face-to-face instructions and interactivity with faculty.

Online Training

Get live, interactive training from the convenience of your office or home with live online training.

Training Duration

Regular Track

6 Months Duration
2 hours daily

5 days in week
(Monday to Friday)

Fast Track

3 Months Duration
4 hours daily

5 days in week
(Monday to Friday)

Training Program Fee


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Take a live online training session and experience true master class of industry’s best professional trainers.



Prepared over 3522+ students across the globe in designing, database, programming languages & frontend, backend web frameworks. Conducted numerous corporate trainings, online trainings as well as face to face trainings around the world.

Anuj Khanna

  • Entrepreneur at NSPL
  • Senior Educator & Career Strategist at NSPL RTC
  • Global IT Consultant
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With global certification you can apply high end Web Development jobs in 162+ countries

ISO 9001:2015 U.S.A Accredited

Training Certification

Global Certification

Our all Training Programs are equipped with ISO 9001:2015 Certification which is recognized in 162 countries for higher studies and jobs.

USA Accreditation

Our Training Quality Standards are accredited by
United Accreditation Foundation 3510, Colmar, Norfolk, VA 23509 U.S.A

Certificate Verification

Our Online Certificate Verification System helps the employers or academic institutions to speedily verify our student’s certificates online.

Career Prospects

  • Cloud Computing Executive
  • Cloud Computing Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Solution Architect
  • AWS Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Architect
  • Cloud Computing Developer
  • Cloud Computing Expert
  • Have a training session once at NSPL Research & Training Centre and experience the True Master Class Professional Training

    Placement Preparation Process

    NSPL RTC has well designed Placement Preparation Process to ensure the placement of our student in top companies. It is crucial for student’s career and through this students become aware about placement criteria and procedures.

    Career Mentoring Sessions

    1 : 1 Mentoring Sessions

    Profile Building

    CV Preparation

    Linkedin Profile Building

    LinkedIn Profile Building

    Interview Questionnaires


    Skills Training

    Employment Skills

    Mockup interview preparation

    Mockup Interview

    Instructed by Industry experts with
    10+ years’ experience

    Live instructor led classes, offline and online

    NSPL RTC Faculty

    IT training doesn’t mean only to learn commands of a language, as it is also available in books and online tutorials. Professional IT training means get to know how to make corporate level projects by using these commands and these can only be taught by working professionals who have in depth experience on such projects.

    To become top IT Professional, you don’t need only a faculty with 5+ years of training experience, you need top-notch MNC working professionals with vast experience on corporate projects who are passionate to share knowledge as faculty.

    5 Fast Facts about our Faculty

    1 IT Professionals

    All NSPL RTC faculty members are currently working professionals with IT companies on top profiles and teaching is their passion.

    2 8+Year of Experience

    All Faculty members have minimum 8+ Years of experience on Class-A domestic and international projects.

    3 Subject Specialists

    All Faculty members are industry-experts and subject specialists with multiple technologies.

    4 Professional Mentor

    Faculty at NSPL RTC also acts as mentor and counseled students to advance their educational and personal growth.

    5 Life Time Access

    Students will get life time access to faculty for guidance and solutions making Faculty-Student relation enduring at NSPL RTC.

    "To be on top, it’s better to learn with a few lions than a hundred sheep. Have advantage to learn with best graduates around the world."

    Our Placements

    International Student Support


    About Amritsar City


    "Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. More than 70% of employers do online screening to recruit. NSPL RTC’s Collaborative Sharing program makes your profile stand out from the crowd"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Professional training in Cloud Computing covers everything to be a Cloud Computing Developer. Cloud Computing includes advance training along with Applied case studies. This provides sufficient knowledge to be a Cloud Computing Developer.

    Project is of two types Dummy Project and a Live Project. Live Project means when you work for a Client and you have to modify the project as per his requirements which makes you a work ready professional. The Dummy Project that you are talking about is any project created by you without any client requirements and is being made at your comfort zone. Both the project can be uploaded on domains but when you go for an interview live project is much more valuable than a Dummy Project.

    Professional training program is divided equivalently between Training and a Project. This includes core technical training to inculcate the technical concepts in the candidate to the depth. Then student have to work on live project.

    NSPL-RTC has dedicated Student body, which provides range of student services to make the stay of students comfortable during training. You can check these services under student services section at

    No. NSPL is not an institute, so it cannot have branches. As this is the only Research and Training Development Center PAN India so Professional training in Cloud Computing is undertaken only in our NSPL branch Amritsar, Punjab, India.

    Both these are added in Professional training in Cloud Computing. So, no separate registration or fee is required for that.

    NSPL-RTC has incorporated placement preparation training in each training curriculum. So, after the successful completion of the training, candidate will be well equipped with the technical knowledge, corporate ethics and interview techniques. NSPL also has a dedicated placement cell providing placement assistance for off-campus placements.

    NSPL RTC Host hundreds of students every year all across the globe. We have various payment methods.

    NSPL has published complete details about visa on its website. Please check

    Amritsar is holy city of Punjab and is quiet safe. NSPL RTC hosts lot of foreign students every year from all over the world.

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