Don’ts and Do’s while internship

Hello friends, Good morning Today’s blog is based upon what you do in your company. As I mentioned in my previous blog, about what things companies wanted from his intern. So now its time to know more about what actually you have to do while your internship.

Firstly, if you don’t achieve an internship, the possibilities that you will struggle to find a job after graduation is high. Intelligence and test-taking ability mean a lot in college. But, in the real world, you must prove that you can do your work and help your employer meet its targets.

I created a list of internship dos and don’ts for you. Follow these internship dos and don’ts, so that you can make the most out of your internships.


  1. Do ask tons of questions

Proceeding into your internship, you apparently don’t have a lot of practice and that’s okay, that’s what internships are for. It’s important to ask tones of questions to get familiar with what you’ll be preparing and how your superintendent wants specific things done. You might make a few mistakes before you get the hang of things, so just remember to ask lots of questions and even take some notes. Most managers are prepared to help you figure things out while your internship, so it never harms to ask!

  • To be honest

Being honest is key to having a great internship. You should positively be honest about your skills. If you don’t understand how to do something, just tell your supervisor and take the help of this chance to discover something new. True communication is proper supervisors view for in interns and potential employees. Also, if it happens to small stuff similar to practicing time off, regularly learn to be honest and let your boss know your situation.

  • Make friends

As an intern, it’s great that you’re friendly and try to get to know your co-workers. After all, networking is an example of the best components of having an internship. You should get concerned about visiting meetings and engaging in company activities. Some excellent ways to learn to know people are meeting with various groups at lunch, speaking to people at the water cooler or still doing company activities outside of your work day like volunteering. While it’s great to get to know your fellow co-workers, remember to not let it interfere with your work. Take the time to network and make connections because you may find yourself using these contacts after your internship is over!

  • Be on time

One of the main thing’s directors will look out for is if their interns are on time. Remaining punctual shows your respect for others. Being late is a selfish act, for it places your needs over another’s. Through being early, your actions say that you respect another individual to not waste their time. This is why so many peoples take punctuality seriously. If you are late, it indicates that you acknowledge that you find it acceptable to make another person wait on you.

  • Contribute to help on additional projects

Go to your administrator and see if there remain any additional projects you can work on. Make it a conversation rather than an immediate question: you can give your own career goals and talk regarding how you see yourself according to the company’s future. Believe about what skills or knowledge you want to develop.

  • Keep a record of what you achieve.

Write down everything you achieve every time after that you realize the accomplishments of yours. It is a simple way of boosting your self-confidence.

“Having a track record of all the work done by you is the way that you’re contributing to the company will come in advantageous when you’re ready to ask for a reference note, or if you are imagining about entering the organization full-time.”

With the list of skills, you acquired and projects you performed, you’ll be better prepared to help your superintendent.


  1. Don’t expect all of your internships to be paid.

In a perfect world, each company would recompense their interns. Believe of it this process. You are paying a lot of money for your training. Your internship is the extension of this education that gives you real experience. It’s not just a “job.” It’s a chance to learn.

  • Don’t be a know-it-all

As an intern, people assumed that you are here for gaining knowledge in the firm. It is essential that you didn’t act like you know everything.Alternately, take a time to learn from your seniors and keepa positive mind. Always figure out what you can do to improve your company.

  • Don’t talk about anyone negative.

Being a part of a company, it is easy to get involved in the company’s gossip. However, it is bad for your reputation don’t get involved in such kind of activities, especially as an intern. You never know how are listening to this kind of activity. These are harmful to your career too.  If you’re having an issue with someone, it’s best to talk to that person or talk to your manager. Communicating badly about someone doesn’t only give another person bad fame, but can also give you a bad character as well.

  • Don’t scare to be initiative

It is important to take directions and learn from your superiors and experienced staff from your office, but don’t forget that you are selected here because of your own talent and skills. Your ideas, your feeling, your views are equally important for the company. If you take part in the activities of the company it showed that you’re perfectly interested in the organization’s work and you are doing well in the office. It will help you to stand as a good intern.

  • Stay idle and Be punctual

If your task is complete don’t sit there without something to do. Ask if there is any work you can help with or help with any project of the company, but don’t show your CEO that you are free and going something on Facebook or any social media. Don’t use your mobile phones too much.

  • Don’t refuse work in any field in the office

If you are an intern so this is the best opportunity for you to explore fields as much as you can. May be got experience in another area which you even don’t know. So, don’t refuse any work given by your manager because they give you that work to check your adaptability. This may also show your positive attitude towards learning. ;

Here’s to a fabulous start to your internship. Alright, guys, I’ll be leaving for the day see you in my next blog post. Till then provide us, your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Thank you.

Written by Sukhmani Kaur
Software Testing Trainee@NSPL RTC