My journey as an intern

In this blog, I’ll be sharing information about my routine during a normal day at work. My shift starts from sharp 9am till After my arrival, I report to my reporting manager in my office. At NSPL we have to complete our work on time withhighest quality framework.

Then, I attend my daily meeting to provide an update of my work in progress with my Manager. Every day between my work schedule I attend lectures on software testing methodologies and tools for 2 hours from which I got 1 hour for my practices. In which, I create my testing reports based on what was taught in the class. I apply those testing methodologies and techniques in practical work.

Then, after my lecture, I head towards lunch break. Sometimes, Me and my co-workers go out for the lunch near our office. Our office is situated in a good locality where we can find a quality of restaurants. Once, I’m done with my lunch, I head back towards completing my work.

After completing my work for the day, I create a daily status report which documents the work that has been completed, and the other one that is still in progress. Then, I forward this report to my Manager via email before leaving the office.

At the end of my day, I conduct a discussion with my manager for future workload and estimation on when we can conclude the project currently being worked on.

Moving further, I wanted to say that the internship is a journey of an intern which helps you to understand your field, cement your career goals, and provide satisfactory knowledge to provide you a fighting turn at acquiring an entry-level job.

The internship is not just an experience, it’s a medium through which we can find our special skills that were not known to use before. The internship serves as a way through which we can shape our talents and skills. Just like any other intern, I came into this path as a fresher, who was unaware of the real nature in the corporate world.

However, when I joined this company, I started interacting with my Manager through Daily meetings. This interaction diminished my fears and build confidence within me. I looked at my coworker and seniors as a normal human being, so there shouldn’t be any presence of fear. I did everything within my job that was instructed to me by my manager.

I took every task work as a daily challenge. When I was asked to write a few notes about my internship in this blog, it did fill me with some nervousness at first.But when I received positive feedback from my readers, all my nervousness was replaced with Happiness.

I’m very happy and cheerful because now it’s time for me to leave for America where my husband lives. Since my visa application process has begun soon, I will be living my life with my husband in a new country with lots of opportunities for growth. As I’m leaving, I will be carrying my experience, skills, and learnings that I received in my internship.

Also, my mistakes would be a big contribution to my journey since correcting them gave me the potential to move forward. And I also hope that once I begin living in America, I start working in a job and apply all those teachings that I learned during my internship.

Just like I used to achieve my team goals and learn from my mistakes. I hope that just like I was able to discover my blog writing skills, I wish to discover the same in my new job. So that you guys would still be able to read more from my new blogs.

At the end, all I want to express is that, I’m so pleased to know about my readers, the love they give to me. A big thanks to them for supporting and reading my blogs. Ok guys, Take care, build your career, live your dreams, and stay happy Bye.

Written by Sukhmani Kaur
Software Testing Trainee@NSPL RTC