One interaction that set the goal of my life

Hello everyone, Its 12o’clock right now and it’s raining outside.  The climate here is considered to be a local steppe climate. In Amritsar, there is little rainfall throughout the year and I am going to enjoy this weather with you while writing my new blog post.

In my last post, I discussed about my dream job, my desire, and my obstacles. Today I am going to open up a new chapter of my life. before we could move further with getting to know about internships, I am going to clarify a myth related to it. That usually comes to someone’s mind in the beginning. Most common thoughts that comes to someone’s mind is that, “why should we head for internship when we can easily find a salaried job”

So, let me clear this myth by telling you why internship should be first milestone in your career path.

  1. Develop and refine skills- You can learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses during an internship. The proper way to exceed in a certain profession is by developing and refining our skills.
  2. Confidence- Confidence comes to small accomplishments that we gain from working in internship. The more confidence you gain, the easier it gets for you to get your work done in a timely and professional manner.
  3. Networking with professionals- The means of communication with other professional workers in your internship can also teach you many things. The artof networking with clients and business personal is also an essential keyto success in profession.
  4. Explore your career path- Your skills and excellence in certain tasks can give you a glimpse of your future career as a working professional.So, you should never be afraid of exploring and discovering new career opportunities in a working environment as an intern.
  5. Experience job market-One of the best ways to explore career paths as an intern is by understanding the concept of Job marketing. This is one of the techniques to attract individuals with certain skills and you can show your internship experience in your next job which benefits you on starting a new career.

Lets now come to my story again

After my husband’s advice, we began our research on the internet for an IT company that provides professional training too as I was not interested in training from other institutes. We goggled some institutes and found one named by the name of NSPL Research & Training Centre setup by an IT company . Therefore, we scheduled an appointment with a career Strategist of NSPL.

The Subsequent day, I went to NSPL to meet with my adviser. I was so nervous at that time that when I arrived at the office, the receptionist asked me some general questions and requested me to wait for 10 minutes. Then I met Mr. Anuj Khanna who is an Executive Director & CEO at NSPL and Sr. Educator & Career Strategist at NSPL RTC.

He gave me a brief description of all the career paths; there were so many paths that could potentially suit my individuality. These paths included Software Testing, Databases, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Business Analysis, and so on. He recommended for me to a take part in Quality Assurance & Software Testing. I couldn’t believe that, I could easily learn those technical terms in software testing.

He explained that we should select a career that matches our skills, interest and career goal. Sometimes people chose the wrong career path without realization. They choose a career which can possibly suit their profession but not their personality. This is reason why they limit their abilities in their job and are not able to go far distance in their career path.

It’s not necessary that your education background like B. Com should limit your career for an accountant position. You can choose any career you want regardless of your education in a certain field. This means you that not just students from B. Com and students can make a career in IT, even MBA students have the ability to work in an organization like NASA.

Getting counseled by a CEO was a good experience. I have felt a relief knowing that I have proper guidance to polish my skills and knowledge for my career in future. It allowed me to explore my options for selecting the right profession based on my potential, abilities and interest. His counseling gave me a breath of relief that even a married house woman like me in today’s society can see the bright hope to succeed in my career.

Lastly, my advice for you would be that if even if you belong to a different career, you can still be able to choose a career in IT sector without any obstacles. Alright everyone, I’ll be heading out for the day. Hope to see you again in my next blog, till then guys keep exploring your talents and always support anyone who wants to succeed in their professional life.

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Written by Sukhmani Kaur
Software Testing Trainee@NSPL RTC