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Student Spotlights

Current and former students describe how they came to choose NSPL RTC, life as NSPL RTC student, their study experiences and internships, and more. As every student have unique perspective and special strengths.

Student Spotlight

Sukhmani Kaur

Software Testing Trainee

Training Profile

Software Testing Associate

About Me

Since, the beginning I have been building keen interest in learning various kinds of software programs especially if it’s a mobile application. This interest has allowed me extend my knowledge towards software analysis and testing. I used to spend my idle time in learning and applying software functionality knowledge on new mobile applications which enabled me to explore my career in software testing. I have been contributing to learn system analysis skills in my career by understanding foundations of software skills viewing different user interfaces in applications.

Best Experience About NSPL

The greatest experience about learning at NSPL was to understand developer side of testing which allowed myself to explore back end user testing. They have provided me with the correct amount of resources to enhance my testing skills and introducing myself to new software testing methodologies and software development life cycle.

Greatest Accomplishment

I have contributed to analyzing and capturing new testing methodologies for latest and upcoming mobile software which contained various kinds of user interface.

Professional Background

Software Information systems from last 2 years.


B.Com(Professionals) from CKD Institute of Management and Technology, Amritsar. (July 2013-May 2016)

Career Goals

I am working as a System Analysis Professional and want to acquire in new software testing skillsin automation testing and I’m willing to extend my knowledge on back end interface testing as well.


Browsing new mobile applications, surfing new technological blogs on the internet, enhancing software analysis skills in variety of software functionalities.

Advice for your fellow NSPL students

The best advice that I can provide to my fellow students in NSPL is to dedicated as much time as possible in practicing their testing skills. They also need to allow themselves to be comfortable around new and upcoming applications and database management systems in order to excel in their system analysis. Always try to be aware of new bugs in the software and be open to learn as much as you can through your working experience in software development field.

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