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Student Spotlights

Current and former students describe how they came to choose NSPL RTC, life as NSPL RTC student, their study experiences and internships, and more. As every student have unique perspective and special strengths.

Student Spotlight

Nidhi Gupta

Software Testing Trainee

Training Profile

Software Testing Associate

About Me

A person who is passionate to learn and believer in continuous learning and development can define me in one phrase. I was a good student in my school and college but I realized soon that what we learn in formal education in school/college is not enough if we want to grow continuously. So I keep learning and improving my sphere of knowledge and skills. That also explains why a business student (as I am) landed up here in IT institute for training.

Best Experience About NSPL

While looking for a reputed institute for my testing training, I came across NSPL. Today I feel very lucky to have gotten trained by NSPL as it is not an institution where we get only theoretical knowledge by teachers who themselves have zero to minor IT job environment experience. NSPL is an IT company, so we’re getting trained already in a professional environment. Mr. Anuj sir (CEO) is very much experienced in IT industry as well as training and preparing his students for real job time scenarios.

Greatest Accomplishment

To be able to complete my training on a fast track with limitation of tome period in hand. Will also Be very happy to work on live project and work as an intern in here.

Professional Background

Banker in a Custodian bank BNY, Mellon for 3 years.


Masters in Commerce and Business Administration

Career Goals

Inspite of being from business education background,I was always fascinated toward IT job industry. So after completing my training, I seek to excel in this field and at the same time keep on building my IT skills for future.


Listening to music, learning new skills, travelling and exploring new places.

Advice for your fellow NSPL students

Hardwork, self -discipline and self-motivation are the keys to success. While you are here in the institute practice as much as you can and ask questions even on the minutest doubt that you have. Please keep in mind that these few months can make your future.

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