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Ethics & Values

We treat ethics and values as an integral part of our business activities. We are determined to make NSPL-RTC known for its high standards with respect to business ethics.

The Management, consultants and staff at NSPL-RTC all share the same strong ethics and values that have made us such a great company to work for. We have always believed that acting in a fair and ethical manner and treating all our clients and candidates with respect and courtesy will be a huge factor in our ongoing success. Our core ethics and values are as follows.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe that in all cases, honesty is the best policy and will never deliberately lie or try to mislead our clients or candidates, regardless of the circumstances. All our team will act in an ethical and responsible manner and not discriminate or compromise their integrity.

Trust and Respect

We understand that choosing right training is a significant event for most people and we have been entrusted with their believe and assisting with their career. We treat our clients and candidates with respect and value the trust they have placed in us

Quality and Service

We appreciate that our trainees make a significant investment when using a recruitment company and they deserve to receive a quality service that reflects this. We aim to provide the highest quality service of any recruitment company to both our clients and candidates


We aim to form long term, ongoing relationships with both clients and candidates. We are here for the long term and realise that the longer we work with a company, the more beneficial the relationship will be for both parties

Innovation and development

We constantly strive to find better ways of doing things and providing better result for our customers. We are progressive, adaptable and flexible. We don’t believe in standing still.

Fun and Reward

Like anyone, we want to enjoy our work and be rewarded well for it. We aim to have an enjoyable workplace which in turn makes our consultants perform better. We want to be a highly successful company and to share our success with our team